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What is REDEMPTION Period?


Redemption Period is a 30 day, Registry-imposed hold period for domains that can occur after the normal post expiry grace period has passed.
Domains can go into REDEMPTION PERIOD state if they have been EXPIRED for at least 40 days and were NOT RENEWED by the domain owner.

Before this change was made, domains would have been just deleted at this point, then again open for registration by the first person to try, but the REDEMPTION PERIOD can provide the domain owner with another chance to recover the domain before it is removed completely and potentially re-registered by a new owner.

It is a policy started by ICANN and the Registry Operator, Verisign - more details are availalbe at this URL:

The Redemption process is costly, both in fees and in effort.

Clients should be discouraged from using the Redemption Period and encouraged to renew domains before they expire or during the following grace period, when a renewal can be done in real time and for no additional cost other than standard renewal charge.

To get a domain name back from Redemption please lodge a ticket in your account as soon as possible requesting us to renew your domain that is in the Redemption Period, if you wish to include the point that you understand the extra charges we will be able to proceed for you immediately.

Please also join us in Livechat or call as soon as possible after lodging a ticket for this,
so we can get the process started as soon as possible,
this process is time limited and if not completed you can lose the domain name altogether.

Getting a domain back from Redemption costs the fee to redeem the domain + 1 year normal registration renewal cost.

We pass the fee to redeem a domain in this state as closely to cost as possible, this fee is charged by the actual Registry Operator and passed on by the Registrar.
Based on the latest revision for the USD to AUD exchange rate, the fee is $121 AUD inc GST for most gTLD , however some namespaces can and do charge more.

The domain can only be reverted back to the original owner (original Registrant WHOIS information).

However, it is also possible to instead wait out the entire grace period and attempt to re-register the domain again once deleted.
This can be a much less expensive option if you wish to try to do that instead, but it is risky, there is absolutely no guarantee that you would get the domain again and it would be offline the entire time.

The usual time till possible deletion would be approximately:
40 days (Post Expiry Grace status)
+ 30 days (Redemption Period status - if applicable)
+ 5 days (Pending Delete status)
= approximately 75 days after the original expiry date.

(Please note that there once a domain name has gone past the normal grace period, the normal Registrant rights no longer apply. The current accredited ICANN Registrar for the domain may re-register the domain themselves immediately after removal or pass to a third party for auction - this generally only happens with domains that have a high resale potential though.)



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